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I love photographing weddings - the love and the laughter, it really is a privilege to be part of your day. 

Each year, I only take on a limited number of weddings so that I can give each couple the attention they each deserve. I work away in the background capturing your day as it unfolds so that you can spend more time enjoying your wedding day.

Beautiful, natural and emotive moments are what I look for. I want to capture the story of your day and not force posing or cheesy grins the whole way through. I'm happy to take some formals for you (parents and aunties love these) and I will guide you through your portraits to get some natural images for you to treasure.


My ideal weddings are relaxed and fun, enabling me to work away as unobtrusively as possible, documenting the day as it unfolds.

I love venues that have plenty of outdoor space and greenery for a beautiful backdrop to your first photos as a married couple. 


To keep your wedding photos looking natural, I work with natural light wherever possible. This is generally a softer and more flattering light than using artificial lighting.


In the buildup to your wedding we will meet and work through the finer details and any formal photos. 

We will talk through a plan A and a plan B, just in case of rain and to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

If you need any suggestions on helping your wedding day run smoothly or even a recommendation for another local supplier, I can help.

On the day, I aim to capture things as they happen, naturally and creatively. 

My photography does not lead your wedding day and I aim to be as unobtrusive as possible. 


I’m usually unnecessarily early, wandering around the venue and looking for great photo opportunities. 


There may be some parts of your day where I can and will offer some direction so that you can get the most from your photography, suck as the formal group photographs.

When it comes to having some time out for your portraits as newlyweds, think of it as having some time out and breathing space from the crowds. 

I want too capture beautiful portraits of you together, without distraction and onlookers so going for a short walk is a great way to do this without taking you away from the fun for too long.

If you love my photographic style and approach to weddings, then I would love to talk to you about your day. 


Get in touch with me HERE



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