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Chloe & Jason's Wedding - The Old Rec, Chumleigh

Chloe and Jason had the most fantastic, event filled wedding day planned at The Old Rec in Chumleigh.

I won't lie, this was a very long, hard and very busy day - nearly 17 hours for me including travel. I covered the guests breakfast at a local pub, the groom prep, the brides prep, there ceremony, the formals, a wedding walk (and the return uphill walk in a monsoon-like rain shower), the wedding breakfast, the speeches, the bride and groom portraits, the flamenco dancers, the band set up, the first dance and lots of other things in between!

The weather couldn't decide what to do, one minute it was overcast, the next blazing sunshine, rather abruptly followed by monsoon-like downpours, so we had to work around that as best as we could. As a result, the bride and groom portraiture was taken as dusk and the formal group photos were taken in the dark! But challenges aside, it was a beautiful wedding with a fantastic crowd and that really shows in the photos.


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