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Dark Beauty

I've been wanting to do something very different for a while - dark and moody rather than light, airy and commercial and Shannon said she was up for a bit of experimentation (plus she's a great giggle to work with) which was perfect! We decided to shoot in the woods for a softer light and a more mysterious feel to the images. When we arrived, it was cold, damp, muddy and a generally miserable day so we were glad of the tree coverage! First things first - test shots - checking the light. I don't normally share these, but Shannon looks so beautiful, it would be a shame not to...

I'm a dreadful collector and hoarder of things - my home is packed with all sorts of random things. Most is photography equipment but there are an awful lot of props and random things I have picked up over the years for shoots...

The lanterns came from a little shop in Whitby, North Yorkshire and the dress form eBay. The tiara was Shannon's. We filled the lanterns with fairy lights to look like fireflies, giving an element or romanticism. The second set was much darker. We use a large bird cage from Marks & Spencer (see I find things everywhere)! The dress belonged to Shannon.

We also had a little play with some sparklers, but they didn't have the effect that we were going. Cold and loosing the light, we decided to call it a day and warm up! Not my usual style of work, but I'm pleased with the results and it was nice to do something very different!


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