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Dune Days

I love shooting outdoors, especially by the coast and on the sand dunes. Dunes have the most beautiful golden and green tones, I don't think I could ever get bored of them! Having said that, they are very exposed to the elements and while it may look warm and the sun was shining, there was a strong and bitterly cold wind when we did this shoot.

It has taken a while to share these images as we knew that one of them was to be included in the feature that I had with Digital Camera Magazine and we thought it would be nice to keep it as a bit of an exclusive.

Sasha herself, is an extremely talented and busy lady - not only is she a singer/songwriter but she represented Devon in the Miss England pageant. She is an ambassador for Bird Sunglasses - a company that supports SolarAid and uses sustainable materials, she runs a coat rail for the homeless in Exeter and on top of all of this, Sasha also has a full time job!


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