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EDITORIAL: The Wild - Part 2

This is the second part of The Wild editorial and this time we moved away from mainstream bridal fashion and got a little more creative!

Model: Lucie Rose Donlan

Make Up Artist: Abi Murray

Stylist & Accessory Creator: With A Gypsy Soul

Photographer: Eleanor Stobbart (me)

Photographer's Assistant: Steven Chapman

Look 1

This was our bridging look from bridal to tribal. The outfit was actually lace lingerie with a makeshift lining and some creative straps to turn underwear into an outfit. We used the same head piece in the bridal looks, added a feather shield to give a more defensive and innocent appearance to this look.

Look 2

A much darker, warrior inspired look. For this, we had a complete accessory change - all made by the talented With A Gypsy Soul. The accessories were more tribal inspired with a feather shrug and a tall, prominent head piece. Abi darkened up the make up and game a more oily look for some fantastic shimmering in the light. We added more attitude with the use of smoke grenades and stronger posing.

Look 3

A variation on the second look, we mad this a little softer and removed the feather shrug and added a delicate feather earmuff and matching choker.

Look 4

The final headpiece and to soften the look, we added a shawl for a more traditional tribal inspired look with a boho vibe. We headed back up to the sand dunes for softer colours and a more peaceful vibe whist refining the darker make up look.


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