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Exploring Towan With Beatrice

I love the great outdoors and I LOVE the Cornish coastline. The golden sandy beaches are beautiful - over here in Torbay, we have a very red sand which can look a little like mud, so I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to shoot on Towan Beach in Newquay with there lovely Beatrice.

This was a very informal, portfolio update shoot so Beatrice prepared a few outfits that she wanted to use and I met he on the seafront. Although it was such a sunny afternoon, there was a bitterly cold wind so many of the poses involved movement so that Beatrice wouldn't freeze, just standing there on an exposed beach. We also did a few lifestyle type shots so she could keep her coat on and warm up!

You never know what you will be faced with on a location shoot and working with the elements, although you can guarantee that it will be varied!


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