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How to prepare for your family session

When you're not used to being in front of a camera, it can be a little uncomfortable and it's easy to let your anxiety build in the run up to your shoot. This post is to help set you at ease and give you some helpful hints and tips to prepare for your portrait session and give you a better idea of what to expect.

What to wear

It's really important to wear something that you feel good in. Make sure you're comfortable and dressed suited to the location the we're shooting at with sensible footwear. Wellies for woodland walks and pumps or sandals for beaches are ideal.

Make sure that you co-ordinate your outfits, but make sure that you are not matching!

Layering is a great way to give you extra variation, so wear jumpers, jackets and cardigans.

Plan your outfits in advance and drop me a message or bring some options with you if you are unsure.

Natural and soft colours always work well and it's best to avoid busy prints, patterns and large logos or graphics as this will make one of you stand out more than the others. Bright and bold colours like red, orange and bright green can reflect the colour back onto your skin, creating unnatural skin tones, so it's best to avoid these too.

When it comes to make up, keep it simple and the foundation coverage light. Normal day-wear make-up tends to work best. We want mum to shine, but not to outshine everyone too much!

Bringing the children...

We're after happy smiley faces so make sure any children have had a rest and eaten before the shoot so they aren't burnt out.

Make sure they are wearing something comfortable that compliments everyone else's outfits and colours too.

If young ones have a favourite teddy, let them bring it along, it will help them to feel more relaxed and reflect their personality in the photos.

Have some fun!

The session is about you all as a family and having some fun together.

We will start with everyone so that no-one feels singled out and children are reassured by their parents. As they relax into the session, we'll swap around for some different group variations and get those fun action shots too.


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