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Photographing a Photographer

We photographers rarely get on the other side of our cameras willingly, so I was flattered when another photographer asked me to take her portrait.

Its always quite a daunting thing, to photograph a photographer. On one hand, is wonderfully flattering that another photographer admires and enjoys your work, while on the other hand, you feel that your work may by under much harder scrutiny (even through it isn't)! Caitlin isn't the first photographer that I have had the pleasure of working with either - a number of my brides and even a groom are all wedding photographers by trade, so I do feel very flattered that they choose to hire me.

Caitlin is just 17 years old and was understandably quite nervous so we spent a bit of time chatting, relaxing and discussing ideas first. Caitlin photographs equestrian events and fashion-portraiture and you can see here work here: Caitlin Hodges Photography


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