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Photography is a go!

With new government guidance, photography studios can begin to operate from the 15th June which is very welcome news!

Although I don't often work in a studio, I've been sticking to these restrictions to keep both myself and my clients safe.

Location shoots can now take place with currently up to 6 people - so individuals, couples and families of up to 5 people (as I'm the sixth person).

Shoots will take place with social distancing, which isn't really a problem for portraits with how I work anyway, so I will remain at a minimum distance of 2 meters from you at all times.

Some commercial jobs are also now able to take place - property photography, branding and social media content. It's actually a great time to invest in some photography for your social media accounts with things having been so quiet and while many businesses remain closed.

Unfortunately there is still no update on when weddings will be able to take place but i'll be keeping my fingers crossed that this comes soon!


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