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Preparation Tips For Your Photoshoot

Photoshoots can be quite a daunting thought, but it doesn't need to be a daunting experience! Here are a few tips to help guide you through and make the most of your shoot.


Firstly, pick where you would like to shoot. I always work on location (unless previously arranged) and work with natural light as much as possible. Do you prefer natural or urban areas? Is there somewhere special to you that you would particularly like to use for your shoot? Discus these options with your photographer as well as a wet weather back up plan.

Natural areas are great for colour at different times of the year and for pulling the focus of the image on to you. Urban locations can provide more texture, grit and attitude and are great for showing your confidence.


The biggest challenge is always working out what to wear so its always a good idea to plan this in plenty of time. Make sure you choose something that you are comfortable in or you may look awkward and uncomfortable. Have it freshly cleaned and ironed so there are no creases to cause distractions. Clothes that you can layer easily will give you more variation for your shoot.

Make sure that you choose an outfit that will compliment the location. For example, jeans, wellies and knits work really well in a woodland environment, while suits work well in a studio or office.

If you're shooting outside, bring a coat. If you're too cold, you won't look relaxed in your photos.


Wear plain, neutral or soft colours that will compliment the environment - anything too bright or with loud, bold prints will draw attention away from you. If you are wearing darker colours, make sure you run a lint roller over them before the shoot.


Always keep this simple and natural with an even skin tone and covering any blemishes. Again, think about where you are shooting - heavy night out makeup doesn't work for a casual shoot on the beach. If you wear nail polish, try to stick to natural or subtle colours and ensure that it is not chipped.

Lip balm is always a handy thing to bring, especially if its cold so that your lips don't dry out.


If you're not sure how to have your hair, talk to the photographer before the shoot. For women, I normally recommend bringing your hairbrush and a tie so that you can change your style throughout the shoot. If you shoot somewhere exposed and windy, you may also want to keep your hair off your face.

For the men, if you use gel, keep it to a minimum but feel free to bring it along with a comb if you might need to reapply.


Have a shave with a new razor and moisturise to soften any redness. If you have facial hair and prefer the 'rugged' look let your photographer know, but please be aware that this is not suitable for smarter looking images e.g. office based and can make you look tired.


If you're having a fake tan or about to dye your hair for your shoot, make sure you do this a few days before so that the colour can settle.


It is really important to get a good nights sleep before your shoot. The last thing you want is to look tired and unenthused in your images, we need you fresh and bright eyed so that you look your best!


1 or 2 Outfits with layering options if possible

A hair brush or comb

A hair tie (or some gel for the guys)

Lip balm

If you have any questions about your shoot, always chat to your photographer in good time. We want you to get the most from your shoot and preparation is key to being relaxed and getting great images!


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