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Preparing for your couples session

When you're not used to being in front of a camera, it can be a little uncomfortable and it's easy to let your anxiety build in the run up to your shoot. This post is to help set you at ease and give you some helpful hints and tips to prepare for your portrait session and give you a better idea of what to expect.


All of my portrait shoots take place on location for a more relaxed feel. It helps give you space to be yourselves and warm up to the camera by adding simple activities such as walking, chatting and interaction to your photo session. This produces images that look far more natural and unposed, to encourage genuine interaction and emotion between you without the pressure of a studio environment.

I have a few local spots that I love to shoot at, either because of the scenery or how nice the light can be there. I know these locations well, which also helps us to get the most from your session with minimal fuss.

If you have a particular location in mind that you would like to use for your session, just let me know and we can discuss the options.


Sunlight changes throughout the day so I always recommend having your session during golden hour - this is about an hour before sunset, where the light is much softer and more flattering, creating less shadows on your faces and if we're lucky and the sky is clear, we will get some fantastic warm, golden light and a beautiful sunset in your photos too.

If sunset doesn't work for you, then morning light will also often provide a beautiful soft light without the harsh shadows.

Occasionally, preference for light goes out of the window, especially if your shoot it as a location only accessible at certain times of the day. this isn't a problem though, we can work with whatever we have!

What to wear

It's really important to wear something that you feel good in. Make sure you're comfortable and dressed suited to the location the we're shooting at with sensible footwear. Wellies for woodland walks and beaches are all good!

Make sure that you co-ordinate your outfits, but make sure that you are not matching! Plan your outfits in advance and bring some options with you if you are unsure.

Natural and soft colours always work well and it's best to avoid bright, bold colours and large logos or graphics as this will make one of you stand out more than the other and can reflect the colour back onto your skin, creating unnatural skin tones.

Layering and accessories are a great idea, this will give you more variation in your photos and you won't just be wrapped up in a coat for the whole session.

On the shoot

One of the biggest worries for couples is how to pose, but honestly, you have nothing to worry about! I'm not about cheesy grins and staring straight down the camera, I believe that this type of posing creates forced and uncomfortable images. Instead, I will help guide you through your session with both relaxed poses and activities to get those natural looking photos and some genuine smiles!

Want to see a gallery from a couple shoot?

You can take a look at a sample gallery in the portraits section of my website, or just click HERE.


I LOVE engagements and would be absolutely thrilled to help make yours extra special, capturing the reaction and emotions of such a special event.

If you are thinking of popping the question on your couples session, please let me know in advance so we can both be ready and plan the session accordingly.


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