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SGBA Clubhouse Opening

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing the opening ceremony of the new clubhouse for Stoke Gabriel's Boating Association, the SGBA.

What a fantastic building with amazing views across the river Dart!

A large proportion of building was funded by Sport England as well as several grants from charitable trusts, not to mention the thousands of hours and months of hard work by a dedicated SGBA members.

The building design itself is quite fascinating. The lover follow of the building is to be used as a storage area for boats as well as a training and briefing area. Its designed to allow exceptionally high tides to flow freely through it due to its location on the river Dart.

The first floor is a timber frame construction and insulated to 'Passive Haus' standards in the walls, floors and roof for maximum energy efficiency.

The SGBA runs Sunday sessions for those interested, whether they have a boat or not and can sail or not. For more information, visit their website here;


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