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Singer/Songwriter KYI

I have worked with KYI on a few occasions now - we find that we work really well together and understand what each other is trying to achieve, which makes thins so easy from the off.

KYI is not only a singer, songwriter, vocal coach and model in her own right, she is also currently one of the judges on a new singing show 'All Together Now', which can be seen on BBC 1, Saturdays at 7.15pm

KYI was looking for some fresh images to promote her work in the series and update her portfolio. We had a good chat and came up with a few ideas and both bought some wardrobe with us to use. We went to a location I had recently used for another shoot but we decided to shoot at a completely different time of the day, partly because we were both a distance away and needed to prep first, but a change of lighting will also make a location look quite different, so it wouldn't matter that I had recently shot there for something else.

Model: KYI / Maisie Tooley

Photography: Eleanor Stobbart Photography


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