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Our annual family holiday this year took me to Norfolk in the East of England where we stayed in an incredible Art Deco house with beautiful gardens so of course, it would have been a great shame not to make the most of it!

We mad a full behind the scenes video so you can see all of us at work and just how chaotic this shoot was with children running around!

The team were amazing and so patient as my niece wanted to know everything that was going on and serenaded us for half of the shoot (see the behind the scenes outtakes)!

It was my first shoot where I have provided a lot of the styling myself so I was a little unsure of what Reanne would think of the outfits but she was so happy with them we struggled to pick which ones to use. She was also amazing with my niece, singing songs from The Greatest Showman together!

Our make up artist Brooke was incredible - she offers wedding hair and make up so if you're getting married in Norfolk, I highly recommend her!

Outfit 1 styled by Reanne. Outfits 2, 3 and 4 styled by myself.

This was my favourite outfit. I was a little worried as to wether it would work with our location and red can be quite a tricky colour to manage, let alone it being red satin but its looked amazing and really suited Reanne and the make up look Brooke had chosen.

For the last look, we squeezed in a couple of spots around the grounds as the light was fading and we weren't sure if we would manage another change.

Model: Reanne Brown

Make Up & Hair: Brooke at Boho Beauty Box

Photography & Filming: Eleanor Stobbart

Shoot Assistant: Steven Chapman

Styling: Eleanor Stobbart


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