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The last of summer

Just before the warm weather disappeared, I had the pleasure of working with Fashion Blogger, Charlotte again.

The day of the shoot, the weather really wasn't playing ball. It had been wet and overcast and we were nearly forced to postpone, but luckily the clouds cleared and we ended up with bright sunshine.

I've shared the photos in chronological order so that you can see just how much the light changes in the space of a couple of hours. This is why choosing the best time and location or a photo session is so important, especially if you want (or don't want) some variation in the mood of your images.

We chose to shoot in the evening before the sun was too low to get more variation from our location and to compliment the outfits better.

The harsh sunlight from the first couple of sets on the dunes add warmth and contrast to the images while the softer light closer to sunset provide those beautiful golden and pink tones in the sky with a much softer light.


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