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Wisteria Dreams

This has got to be one of my favourite shoots of the year, and its only May!

I love wisteria - the beautiful lilac tones and the delicate clusters of flowers. Throw in a beautiful golden sunset and that really is a dream photoshoot location!

My model for this shoot was the beautiful Candice. A personal trainer from Exeter. We had chatted about the location, time of day and styling for the shoot beforehand so that we had a good plan. The shoot was quite short as we were working with the sunset so we had to make sure we were fairly organised to get the most from the light and the location.

Although the wisteria photographs beautifully, we had probably missed the peak bloom by around a week - it doesn't last long, but the explosion of colour is quite spectacular.

As the light levels dropped and the sun got lower, I managed to capture some soft flares from over the top of the hedgerow and for the very last set, we really pushed the colours with a stunning dress that Candice owned and a smoke grenade!

Model: Candice Peachey

Photographer's Assistants: Steven Chapman & James Webb


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