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I love photography and occasionally I like to update and expand my portfolio with work that I want to produce. With paying photography clients, I don't always have creative control or the opportunity to experiment, so test shoots are a great way for me to do this.


It's really important that these shoots are beneficial to my portfolio, raising the quality of work and creating more of the content that I want to attract clients with, after all, I'm not offering to work for free for the sake of it.


To help explain how this works, I've put some information together to explain what is expected from all parties involved with a test/collaborative shoot and what everyone receives in return for their time.

Please make sure that you READ THIS PAGE FULLY.

I like to be very upfront and honest about everything so, if you aren't sure about something

or have any questions at all, just ask and I'll be happy to help. After all, I want everyone to have a fun experience

and get some amazing images from our photoshoots.


You will receive a minimum of 20 edited final photographs from our photoshoot to add to your modelling portfolio and to use on your social media accounts. The images will be chosen by myself and will normally have a small logo included. Have a look at my

instagram for examples - @elliye.

Images will be delivered via WeTransfer. Please allow up to 4-6 weeks from the date of the photoshoot to see photographs.

You can use the photos for your personal social media accounts and your modelling portfolio but you cannot use them for any commercial purpose. You are also asked not to edit the images (including using filters) as this would be a misrepresentation of my work.


Please credit the photographer where you use the photos

(tag me on social media for example)

and I will do the same for you if you would like.


Photoshoots will take place on location in the local area. For this reason, shoots are weather dependent, although I will always try to find somewhere we can shoot regardless.

We will discuss and agree a time and location for each photoshoot.

In order to find the right backdrop, some shoots may not be in Exeter and you may need to travel there. I may also be able to provide you with a lift but we will chat through what is and is not suitable.

As you will be receiving images from the photoshoot, expenses will not be covered.

 Light is very important and shoots will normally be earlier or later in the day.


Because I operate as a professional photographer, using photos on my website and social media would be considered to be commercial use, so a model release must be signed allowing me to use the images and comply with data protection laws.

A model release is essentially a contract between the photographer and the model. All of the terms of the release are on this webpage.

You must be OVER 18 to sign a release form and participate with photoshoots. 

Photoshoots will not take place where a model release is not signed.

If you would like to view a form in advance just let me know.


The 1988 Copyright, Designs and Patterns Act assigns legal ownership of the images to the photographer.

Participants are granted a license to use the images to promote themselves in the capacity that they take part.


You may not;

  • Edit the photographs in any way (including filters) as this would be considered mis-selling of the photographers skill, style and ability

  • Sell, provide or exchange (for products, services or financial gain) the images to any other business, social media accounts or third party for any use 

  • Use images to promote any brand, company, business, event, social enterprise or third party

  • Publish the photographs (online or in print) in any magazine, newspaper, journal or publication without the photographers prior written consent


If for any reason, you would like to use the images for any

prohibited purposes, permission must be granted by

the copyright owner BEFORE they are used or you may be charged for unauthorised use.


You MUST credit the photographer and any other parties involved with the photoshoot (e.g. make up artist) where you display the images.

If on social media, you must also tag the photographers social media accounts as this helps to promote each other.


FACEBOOK - (@EleanorStobbartPhotography)

INSTAGRAM - @elliye

TWITTER - @elliye



It is at the models discretion if they would like to be named in conjunction with the photographs. This option is included on the model release form and you must provide the correct and accurate information for tagging where appropriate.



  • Get a good night's sleep before your shoot so you are bright and refreshed

  • Wear clothes that suit the location

  • Iron your clothes

  • Bring a few different outfits and accessories for variation

  • Keep your makeup simple (less is more)!

  • Have clean, unpainted nails



  • Wear creased, dirty or stained clothing

  • Cut, colour or restyle your hair before the shoot

  • Wear false eyelashes or eyeliner

  • Have a fake tan less than a week before the shoot

  • Have chipped nail varnish or false nails

  • Turn up in something completely different to agreed


I will always swap mobile numbers with you before a shoot.

Please arrive on time and with the appropriate hair, make up and wardrobe styling as discussed.

If you haven't modelled before, don't worry. I'll help guide you through poses and what to do.


  • Extra outfits & accessories e.g. jewellery, a scarf etc

  • An extra pair of footwear

  • A warm jacket

  • A drink & snacks

For some photoshoots, I might bring an assistant to help or film behind the scenes. For examples, please see my YouTube channel​.

I do understand that some people are nervous about meeting a stranger so if you're worried about meeting me for the first time, I'm happy to FaceTime, Skype or meet you for a coffee before the shoot.


I DO NOT shoot with chaperones on set as from experience, I find them a huge distraction to the model.


If I book a shoot, it is likely that I will turn down paid work to make that commitment so please be respectful of this.

Obviously, if the weather is horrendous and we can't find a suitable indoor location, the shoot will have to be rearranged.

If for any reason you cannot make the photoshoot, you must give me reasonable warning, so please let me know at the

earliest possible opportunity.


If you're not feeling well and are unsure if you will be able to make it, just let me know so that it isn't a surprise. 

If you cancel a shoot without warning at less than 48 hours notice, I may not rebook the photoshoot with you.


I look forward to working with you!

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